ron griffin
founder & principal

years in the field: 40+

joined edm: From the Beginning! - 1988

specialty: Making Things Happen

In 1988, Ron Griffin left General Electric Company to establish edm.  He serves as the active Principal-in-Charge for some of the firm’s most important projects.  With over forty years in management, facilities, and finance, Ron provides the guidance and depth of experience to ensure that each client’s specific needs are addressed and satisfied 

Out of the many projects Ron has been involved in, his favorite remains building edm and creating meaningful business relationships within the local Berkshires community. He is also very fond of edm's restoration work of the Colonial Theatre. 

Outside of the office, Ron enjoys spending quality time with his wife, golfing with friends, and relaxing on his porch with a good book and a drink. (Note: Ron is the one NOT playing the accordion in this photo, although he has always wanted to learn).